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Here you will find answers to questions about Open Roberta and the Lab in general.

 Which robot systems can be programmed in the Open Roberta Lab?

At present LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, NXT, WeDo, Calliope mini, micro:bit, Bot'n Roll, NAO, Arduino Uno, Nano und Mega, B-O-B-3, senseBox, mBot and the Edison robot can be programmed.

 What is the difference between NEPO and Scratch?

NEPO is an independent programming language inspired by Scratch. Scratch is event-based, NEPO is a procedural programming language.

NEPO has its own semantics and syntax. NEPO was developed especially for programming hardware systems.

The special feature of NEPO is the code generation on Fraunhofer servers. Depending on the target system (robot/microboard etc.), this is done in other programming languages, e.g. C, Java, Python.

NEPO is embedded in the cloud-based development/programming environment Open Roberta Lab. Both are developed Open Source at Fraunhofer IAIS and made available on GitHub.

 Can I help develop the Open Roberta Lab myself as a developer for Open Roberta?

Yes, we are happy about everyone who helps us to make Open Roberta Lab even more attractive for children/young people and teachers. Best take a look at

 Aus Blöcken den Quellcode und aus dem Quellcode die Blöcke generieren?

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