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In the following section you will learn how to connect your robot to a wireless network. In this example, we will connect our EV3 robot named "Roberta01" to the WiFi network called "Roberta". Your robot and wifi network will probably have different names.

The following USB WiFi dongles have been successfully tested:

  • 2-Link MM024 (recommended)
  • Racksoy Professionell Ralink 5370 Wifi Dongle USB 2.0 (recommended)
  • Edimax EW-7811Un
  • ThiPiHunt The Pi hat USB WiFi adapter
  • Monoprice Ultra-Mini USB WiFi Lan

This page points to another USB wireless dongles, which should be compatible with Open Roberta, but so far have not yet been tested by us

  • Navigate to the Wifi menu on your EV3 robot (the navigation is done with the left / right buttons on the EV3-stone)
  • When you find the WiFi menu, select it by clicking on the dark gray (Enter-) button.
  • Now choose the name of your WiFi network with the up/down buttons on the EV3 brick and click again on the Enter button.
  • Now comes the tricky part. The entry of the password is done using an on-screen keyboard on your EV3 robot.
    • Uppercase letters can be selected with the "U" and lowercase letters can be selected with the "l"
    • Use the "x" to delete the previous letter
    • The bottom line shows which letters you have already entered
    • To confirm the password you need to select the "D"  .

If a WLAN connection is successfully made the EV3 brick will return to the main menu with a second IP address (third row from the top, the numbers are likely to be different), and a WiFi icon will appear on the top right.

 If this step does not work, the password has probably not been entered correctly, please retry

Connecting your EV3 robot to Open Roberta

The final step is to connect your robot to Open Roberta.  This is done through generating a one-time password (a token) from your robot and entering it into the Open Roberta Lab.

  • Navigate on the screen of your EV3 brick to the Roberta icon (under the heading "Open Roberta Lab") and select it  with the Enter button.

  • The next screen shows "Server?" in the first line and "" in the second line, which is marked. Just klick the Enter button to proceed.
  • Now the message "waiting for registration ..." should be appear together with the password on the EV3 screen. Your robot is now waiting to be connected to the Open Roberta Lab. Go to the website: and click on the Roberta icon and then click "connect to... ."

  • A dialog box will now be shown where you should enter the password that your EV3 brick is displaying 


The password is case insensitive and is only valid for 5 minutes. If you do not connect your robot in within that time  the message "Timeout" appears at the screen of your Robot. By pressing any key on the Robot you will go back to the main menu with the Roberta icon. You then can try to connect your EV3 robot with Roberta Open Lab again.

If you entered the correct password a success message appears in the Open Roberta Lab and in addition your EV3 robot will  play a short melody.   Also a new icon on your screen of your Robot shows the Roberta-eyes at the top right corner next to the WLAN icon. If you made  a mistake when typing the password you should retry entering the password.


Now you can start programming (smile)   We explain how to write your first program with Open Roberta in Programming EV3

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