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In order to use the Open Roberta Chrome App on Windows, you need an additional driver. This driver is already included in Windows, but it is not automatically installed for the EV3.

Prerequisite: The Open Roberta Firmware is installed on a micro SD-Card and the EV3 was started with it.

  1. Use the USB cable from the box to connect the EV3 to your PC.
  2. You will hear a short sound and the EV3 brick is being recognised by Windows as an "unknown device".
  3. The driver is already available on your system, but Windows 7 is not "smart" enough to find and install it automatically.
  4. Click on "System control" -> "Hardware and Sound" -> "Device manager". The EV3 is listed under "other devices".
  5. Rightclick the entry and click on "Update driver software". A new window will appear.
  6. Select "Search on the computer".
  7. Click on "Choose from list...".
  8. Select "Network adapter" in the list and press the "continue" button.
  9. Search for "Microsoft Corporation" in the list on the left side and select "NDIS-compatible remote device". Click on "continue".
  10. A warning will be displayed. Click on "Yes" to install the driver now.
  11. The driver is installed successfully. Close the window. The EV3 is now correctly classified in "Device manager". This should now look similar to this:


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