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In this section you will learn how to delete your files on the micro SD card and how to reformat it. This is helpful if...

  • you have old files on the micro SD card (for example an old version of Open Roberta Lab) that you do not need any more
  • the file system on your micro SD card has a different formatting
  • you want to install the newest Open Roberta Lab firmware again

Installation on a Windows system:

  1. Download the program Partition Wizard FREE EDITION from this website.
  2. Find the installation file »pwfree9.exe« in your download directory. The folder ,in which your downloaded files are saved, is a browser-specific setting. On most people's system, it is the »Downloads« folder in the user directory.
  3. Double-click the installation file to start the installer.
  4. You have to click several times on the »next« button to let the installer proceed. Then, wait until the setup has finished.
  5. Now, connect your micro SD card to the SDHC adapter and plug it in the card reader of your computer.
  6. If the installation is finished, you will find a shortcut »MiniTool Partition Wizard Free« in the start menu as well as on your Desktop. By double-clicking you can launch the program.
  7. In the new window, click on »Launch Application«.
  8. This, or a very similar picture is what you should see now.

    In our example you can see the Windows installation on »Disk 1« and the micro SD card as »Disk 2«, with a size of approximately 7,2 GB. On this one, there is already an old version of the Open Roberta firmware installed, which we want to delete now.

    The names and symbols can be different on your PC. Keep in mind, which »Disk« holds your Windows installation. You must not change this one, otherwise you may experience data loss and your system will not function correctly any more. In our example, we only change the micro SD card, which is »Disk 2«!

  9. For every row under »Disk 2«, select each of them separately and click on »Delete« in the top bar. After you have deleted every row, click on »Apply« and in the following popup message on »OK« to confirm these changes.
  10. Wait until the process is finished and click on »OK« again. All data and the filesystem on the micro SD card are successfully deleted. Now, we are going to create a new file system for our next Open Roberta firmware installation.
  11. In order to do so, click on »Create«. A new window with several settings appears.
    1. Choose »FAT32« as the new file system (partition)
    2. Set the partition as »primary«. This is important because otherwise the EV3 will not be able to run the content of the micro SD card at startup
    3. (Optional) Type in a new description for the micro SD card. »OpenRoberta« is a good one!
    4. Check that the primary partition size is at maximum 16 GB (partition size = 16000 MB).
    5. Check if all settings you have made are correct and click on »OK«
    6. At the end, click on »Apply« one more time to let the program create the new partition. Wait until it is finished and press »OK«
  12. We are finished. Close the program now. The micro SD card is ready to be written with the files of the new Open Roberta firmware! This section you will find here: Preparing your EV3.



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