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This guide will show you how to connect your EV3 robot with the Open Roberta Lab by using our Chrome app.

For connecting the EV3 robot with the Open Roberta Lab by using a Chrome app you need a specific application. This application is available for different operation systems. You need to use a Chrome Browser . You may download the free Chrome Browser by following this link: Download Chrome Browser

The Open Roberta Crome App works out of the box on Cromebooks and on Linux computers. For Windows a driver is required, that is available in the Windows installation, but it is not automatically installed for the EV3. This guide (Windows 7) shows how to install the driver step by step. For Windows 8 and 10 we provide this guide. The Mac OS version also requires a dedicated driver, which is available at Detailed instructions for this will follow soon.

Step 1: Download the Open Roberta Chrome App

While using a Crhome Browser click this link: Download Chrome App. Otherwise download the Chrome browser (see above) and start it.

Then click the Open Roberta Logo. A description of the Open Roberta app will appear. Click on ADD TO CHROME and click on "Add app" afterwards. This installs the Open Roberta app in your Chrome browser.



Step 2: Launch the Open Roberta Chrome app

The Open Roberta Chrome app is part of all your Chrome browser apps. An overwiev of all your Chrome apps is available by clicking the apps symbol in the upper left corner of the bookmarks line. Now you see the Open Roberta logo and you may start it with a click.



Step 3: Connect EV3 Roboter with the Open Roberta Lab

The guide below shows step by step how to establish the connection between EV3 robot and the Open Roberta Lab.

  1. First start the EV3 Robot. This may take some time.
  2. Start the Open Roberta EV3 app. It should look like this: 
  3. Connect your EV3 Robot to the PC:
    1. insert the large plug of the USB cable into a free USB connector of your computer;
    2. insert the small plug of the USB cable into the EV3 brick close to the motor port D. The port is labelled "PC", close to the motor ports.
  4. The first time it may take some time while the computer is establishing the drivers for this connection. Wait until the "Connect" butten is active and a little robot symbol is displayed in the upper right corner.
  5. Now click on "Connect". The app computes a keyword (token) for the Robot.
  6. In the Open Roberta Lab with Robot/connect you enter the keyword (token) and click »OK«.
  7. The connection is established. 
    1. The EV3 Roboter gives a sound and displays a Roberta Symbol in the upper right corner.
    2. In the Open Roberta EV3 app a green Roberta image is displayed in the upper right corner. Also, the name of the connected EV3 brick is shown.
    3. In the Open Roberta Lab the connection is indicated by the green Robot name in the upper right corner.


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