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With this program you can connect many of your robots to your computer via USB and thus transfer programs and use some functions of your robots. For example, the »Open Roberta Connector« has a built-in serial monitor for the micro:bit, Calliope mini and many other robots.

The new "Open Roberta Connector" is a further development of the old "Open Roberta USB" program and connects the program for the EV3 with the program for the NAO. It also supports other microcontrollers like the Arduino, Calliope mini and micro:bit.


First we will install the program on your computer. Just follow the steps for your operating system.

Windows 10

We only tested the following steps under Windows 10, but it should work roughly the same with Windows 7 or 8. Some buttons or labels might be at a different position though.

  1. Follow this Link and download the file »OpenRobertaConnectorSetupEN-vx.y.z.msi«. The »x.y.z« stands for the version number, it is always a good idea to choose the newest one, i.e. the highest one.
  2. Now press »Save file«.
  3. Go to your "Downloads" folder and double-click the downloaded file to run it.
  4. Now the installer opens and guides you through the rest of the installation. There is nothing special to consider.
    1. When you start the program for the first time, the following window will appear, just confirm this so that the connector can connect to the Internet.

The program is now installed and ready to run.


  1. Follow this Link and download the file »OpenRobertaConnectorMacOSX-vx.y.z.tar.gz«. The »x.y.z« stands for the version number, so it is always a good idea to choose the newest one, i.e. the highest one.

  2. Search for »OpenRobertaConnectorMacOSX-vx.y.z.tar.gz« in your download directory.

  3. Right click on the file and select »Open with installer«.

  4. During the installation you have to agree in some places by clicking on »yes« or »continue«.

  5. After the installation you will find the program »OpenRobertaUSB« in Apps. Start the program with a double click.


  1. Follow this Link and download the file »OpenRobertaConnectorLinux-vx.y.z.tar.gz«. The »x.y.z« stands for the version number, so it is always a good idea to choose the newest one, i.e. the highest one.

  2. Search for »OpenRobertaConnectorLinux-vx.y.z.tar.gz« in your download directory.

  3. Extract the contents of this file and remember the destination folder.

  4. Now start the script »install-connector« with the command


    This will ask for administrator rights if needed and install the »Open Roberta Connector« on your computer.

  5. The program is completely installed and can be found in your apps.

Usage of the Connector

There are several applications for this program, but the two main applications are transferring programs from your computer to your robot and monitoring the serial monitor.

Connecting the robot to the Open Roberta Lab

In the following instructions we will explain how to connect your robot to the open Roberta lab so that you can transfer your programs to the robot. This step is necessary for the robots EV3 with leJos, mBot, Arduino, BOB3 and NAO. These instructions are made for an EV3, but they work the same for all other mentioned robots.

  1. If you have not yet installed the Open Roberta Connector, you will need to install it first. You can read how to do this at the top of this page.
  2. Start the Open Roberta Connector, it should look like this
  3. Now you can connect your robot to your computer with a suitable USB cable. The connector will then search for new devices and find the robot.
  4. When the connector has found your robot, click on the name of the robot and then on »connect«.
  5. The connector now creates a token for your robot, which you then have to enter into the Lab, so that the connection between the Lab and your robot can be established.
  6. Now you can press »OK« in the Lab and the Lab will connect to your robot. Depending on the robot, it will flash or beep briefly to indicate that a connection has been successfully established.

    The Open Roberta Connector will also show the name of your robot and a button will appear to disconnect it.

Serial Monitor

If you want to use the block "Show on serial monitor" in your program, you want to display this output as well. To do this, simply follow these steps

  1. Connect your robot to your computer via USB
  2. Open the Open Roberta Connector program and select your robot.
    1. if you do not have the Open Roberta Connector already installed, you can read here on how to set it up.
  3. Now click on the type of your robot and select "Serial Monitor".
  4. Now you only have to select the so-called "Baudrate" of your robot, so that the messages of your robot also arrive at your computer. As a little help we have collected the baudrates of the different robots for you:

    Calliope mini115200
    Arduino Uno9600

    Arduino Nano

    Arduino Mega9600

Using the Device ID Editor

Sometimes the Open Roberta Connector may not recognize your robot correctly. This is either because your computer does not have the correct drivers or because the device ID of your robot is set to the wrong robot type. If so, you can simply follow the instructions below to solve the problem.

  1. Connect your robot to your computer as usual and start the connector. This will show you the wrong robot.
  2. Now click on »File« at the top and then on »Device ID Editor«.
  3. Now you are in the Device ID Editor and can see both the devices that are currently connected and the devices that have been connected to this computer previously.
  4. Search now in the lower list the entry with the same manufacturer ID as your robot. Now click on "Device type" and select the correct robot type.
  5. Last click on »save and exit«. The connector will now search for connected robots again and will show you the correct robot.

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