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The Open Roberta Create Agent is not compatible with the Browser Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. It also does no't work with Mozilla firefox 54.0 (64 bit) for Ubuntu canonical-1.0 -  regardless of the USB port.

To program your robot with the Open Lab Roberta, some preparation is necessary. We have tried to describe these steps as simply as possible. If you have difficulties at any point, please read the FAQ first. If you do not find an answer to your question there,  please send us an email with your questions.

In order to connect your BOB 3 to the open Roberta Lab you will have to start the Open Roberta Create Agent.

The set-up will take about 10 minutes.

Installing the Open Roberta Create Agents

In order to programm your BOB 3 Robot with the Open Roberta Lab you'll need a special connectionprogramm.

Depending on your operating system the installation might look different.

Windows 7

To programm your BOB 3 with Windows 7 you'll need to install a driver. Download bobdude_102-0_x64.msi for Windows 7 64 Bit or bobdude_102-0_x86.msi for Windows 7 32 Bit from:

During installation, you have to click a couple of times on »ok« or »next«. If you use a Windows 7 operating system, you can follow the process in this gallery:

After you have installed the driver you can start the installation of the Open Roberta Create Agent (Windows64_ORCA_x.y.z.exe, cf.

To install the Open Roberta Create Agent, you can use the following gallery:

After the installation the Open Roberta Create Agent Iconwill appear in your taskbar.

Windows 10

After you downloaded the installer you can execute it by double clicking it (Windows64_ORCA_x.y.z.exe, cf.

The installationfiles will be unzipped automaticly and a dialog appears, in which you can chose the installationlanguage. 

After the installation the Open Roberta Create Agent Iconwill appear in your taskbar.


After you downloaded the Open Roberta Create Agent (Linux64_ORCA_x.y.z.tar.gz, cf. open a terminal and navigate to your download folder.

Run following commands:

tar -xzf Linux64_ORCA_0.0.1.tar.gz
cd Linux/

After the installation has been completed Icons of Open Roberta Create Agent and its deinstallation will be created on your Desktop.


After downloading the Open Roberta Create Agent, navigate to your download folder und open the installation files (MacOS_ORCA_x.y.z.pkg, cf. contextmenu.

Follow the gallery to install the Open Roberta Create Agent under MacOS:

After installation, you will find the Open Roberta Create Agent in your programms.

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