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Here you will find all information about the Open Roberta Lab and about our "Open Roberta operating system" (also called Open Roberta Firmware). Initially we describe the menu items in the Open Roberta Lab and what is behind the menu items. We tried to keep the Open Roberta Lab as simple as possible.

There are five menu items on the left: Robots - Edit - Help - User - Language.

 edit menu

In this menu item you'll find everything you can do with your program. In addition, you can chose NEPO blocks you want to program, e.g. beginner blocks or experts blocks.

 run on robot

Clicking this submenu you run the program on the robot. For this purpose your program and the configuration of your robot will be sent to the Open Roberta Lab servers. There the readable robot machine code is generated and sent to your robot. The robot runs the program as soon as it is completely transferred.


If a robot is connected you will receive a direct message. You can see in the right concer of the menu an existing connection besides the green robot icon.

The "start" of a program can be detected at different points within the Open Roberta Lab and at your robot:

  1.      In the top center of the Open Roberta Lab appears a message indicates for some seconds that your program will be processed.
  2.      The NEPO logo appears at the robot display prior to starting the program on the robot.
  3.      While your program is running, the robot icon in the right of the Open Roberta Lab menu flashes red and green.

You can start a program by a single click from the programming area.

 run in simulation

This command starts your program in the simulation environment. The program will be sent to the simulator and may be executed with the simulation start button. The robot configuration is a standard configuration.


In a future release of the software you may check that your program and the robot configuration match and that the program execution is possible from the Open Roberta Lab. This submenu item has not yet been entirely completed, so possibly it is not yet clickable.

new ...

Clear the programming window to create a new program. If the current program has been changed there will be a warning that you should save the changes.

my programs ...

Displays all your saved programs. For this, you need to log in the menu »user« or you have create a new user account with »new«.

example programs ...

Some example programs to choose for initial experiments.


If you are logged in and your program has already been given a name with »save as«, you can save program changes. The same functionality is available by using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

 save as ...

If you are logged in, you can save your program by entering a new name for the program.

Show code

A code windows will be rolled out to show the java code that was generated from the blocks program.

Export program

Using the export program command is used to store the current program on a local storage device. An explorer window will be opened to browse for an export folder. XML code will be generated end stored. This is always useful if the Open Roberta cloud is not available.

Import program

The import program command is useful to restore a program stored on a local storage device. An explorer window will be opened to browse for the program to import.

 NEPO-Blocks beginner

Clicking this menu will only display a certain selection of NEPO blocks in the Open Roberta Lab.

 NEPO-Blocks expert

If you are logged in, you can unlock all NEPO blocks abailable in the Open Roberta Lab by clicking on »NEPO-Blocks expert«.

Help menu

The Help menu is linked to the Open Roberta Wiki. In addition, the following further sub-menus are available:

general help

This is a direct link into the Open Roberta wiki which gives all the information around the project and programming with NEPO.

Image Removed programming with NEPO

This is a direct link into the Open Roberta wiki which gives all the information around the project and programming with NEPO.

Robot preparation

  • currently not available


Frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Image Addedabout

Here you can find some information about the project Open Roberta and about Fraunhofer Institute IAIS.

Image Addedshow welcome note again

If you click on this submenu the starting welcome note will be shown again. There the most recent innovations about the latest release of the Open Roberta Lab are listed.

Image Addedlogging

Showing all your actions that done within the Open Roberta Lab.


Using this menu item you can manage your user account within Open Roberta Lab. For this you may use the following submenus:


Logs in to an existing user account. If you don't have one you will find a button to create a new user account.


Leaving your user account, but you are still able to program and run NEPO programs on your robot.


Change some of your user account data, as your user name, the display name, the e-mail address, or the password.

delete user

Your user account and all your stored NEPO programs will be deleted.

state information

Display some state information like user name, program name, robot configuration name, and user mode.

Language menu

The Open Roberta lab is being translated in more and more languages. Choose the language in which the program shall be displayed.

Help information is currently only available in English and in German. If you select a non-German language the help information is in English.

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Open Roberta simulation enviroment
Open Roberta simulation enviroment