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After downloading the Open Roberta Create Agent, navigate to your download folder und open the installation files (MacOS_ORCA_x.y.z.pkg, cf. contextmenu.

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After choosing "open with" and "Installer (standard)" a warning pops up.

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You can start the installation by clicking "open".

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After leaving the welcome dialog the software license agreement shows up, which has to be agreed to, in order to continue installation.

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After you accepted the software license agreement you can choose the installation path.

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After the installation is completed you can close the dialog.

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You Follow the gallery to install the Open Roberta Create Agent under MacOS:

includeenMacOS1, enMacOS2, enMacOS3, enMacOS4, enMacOS5, Mac7.png, Mac8.png

After installation, you will find the Open Roberta Create Agent at in your programms.Image Removed