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Transfer a program to the mBot

So that you can try out your first program, it must of course first transfer it to your mBot. Just press the »Start on mBot« button as long as there is a connection between the Open Roberta Lab and your mBot. You can read how to connect your mBot to the lab here.


The individual blocks and their descriptions can be found here, sorted by categories.

For each block its function, setting possibilities, as well as input and output values are described in detail.

Sample programs

In the section »Example programs mBot« we show you different example programs. For each program there is a short description and a "sample solution". Each example program is divided as follows:

  • Description
  • Table
    • sensors
    • actuators
    • block category
    • difficulty
    • tips
  • Result

So far we have put the following sample programs online:

  • The LEDs switch on
  • Flashing lights
  • Measuring the distance
  • parking sensor
  • Line follower