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Transferring a program onto your senseBox

When you have finished your first program, of course you want to try it out. You have to transfer it to your senseBox. To do this you can follow the instructions below:

  1. First you have to set your senseBox to »transfer mode«. Press the red »Reset«button twice. The red LED next to the »Reset« button will dim.
  2. Now you can press the »Run on senseBox« button in the Open Roberta Lab.
  3. Now press »Save target as ...« and select your senseBox. Your senseBox will always log on to your computer as »SENSEBOX«.
  4. If you now press »save«, your program will be transferred to your senseBox and you are done.
    1. You can tell that the transfer was successful by the green LEDs of your senseBox starting to light up again. Otherwise repeat all previous steps.

Block descriptions

You can find a detailed description of all available blocks here.