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In order to program your mBot with the Open Roberta Lab®, you must first establish a connection between the mBot and the Open Roberta Lab. To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Assemble the mBot

In order to use the mBot, you have to assemble it first. This sounds more complicated than it is and your mBot comes with detailed instructions. Just follow these instructions and you should have your mBot assembled in no time.

2. Installation of the Open Roberta Connector

In the next step you need a special program so that an mBot can communicate with the Open Roberta Lab. To install the program, you can follow these instructions.

3. Connect the mBot to the Open Roberta Lab

Now follows the actual connection between the Lab and your mBot. For this you simply follow the instructions below. Each step is illustrated by a screenshot.

  1. Start the Open Roberta Connector.
  2. Plug the included USB cable first into the mBot and then into your computer. Now it may take a short time until the connector finds your robot, because your operating system may automatically install drivers for the robot first.

    Sometimes the Open Roberta Connector program cannot find the mBot when you connect it to the computer. This may have two reasons:

    • If you connect the mBot to the computer, some LEDs will start blinking on it, even though the mBot may still be turned off. To turn it on, you have to put the “ON/OFF” switch on the side of the mBot to the “ON” state.
    • If your mBot is still not detected, the automatic installation of the drivers may not have worked. In that case, you can install them manually quite easily. Makeblock created a nice tutorial for that. (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

  3. The connector has found your mBot, it is ready to connect.
  4. You can now press »Connect«. The connector will then generate a so-called »token« for your mBot to establish a secure connection to the Open Roberta Lab.
  5. Now you have to copy this token and enter it in the Open Roberta Lab under the menu item »connect«.
  6. Now the connection is established. If everything worked, the robot icon in the upper left corner will look like this: